NCPA Corporate Member

To find out more about our no cost program that can help retain existing and attract new patients, either schedule a live webinar with a member of our team, request partner information online or call us toll free at (800) 727-1973

Why Our Platform is Different

Our platform offers updated market standard pricing, lower cost options for patient retention and alternatives to those not so pharmacy friendly coupons.

We provide all partners a white label website which includes an industry leading pharmacy search/pricing tool that drives new traffic to independents and not chains. Also included are custom flyers, 1,000 branded cards, and more. All at no charge.

Unlike PBM discount programs, which at times put pharmacies in the red, our platform is pharmacy friendly ensuring a fair profit every time.

In addition to ingredient cost reimbursement and dispensing fees, the pharmacy receives a compensation per claim, no matter where the prescription is filled.

The platform strengthens patient compliance and keeps the pharmacy compliant as there is no longer a need to lower your cash price.

In 2018, two bipartisan bills the Patient Right to Know Act and the Know the Lowest Price Act were signed into law banning so-called gag clauses at the pharmacy counter. The bills allow pharmacists to tell patients that they could save money on drugs by paying cash or trying a lower-cost alternative like our platform to help their patients better afford their medications without breach of contract.