About AXE Rx

We are a privately owned and independently operated pharmacy benefit administrator (“PBA”) located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

We have launched and administer many nationally known direct to consumer pharmacy savings programs, saving consumers hundreds of millions to date.

We develop and maintain innovative technology platforms, APIs, search tools, and marketplaces to support pharmacy savings programs with our partners and their cardholders.

We are responsible for full-service pharmacy benefit administration which includes pharmacy contracting, pharmacy network management, price list management, pharmacy switch transaction routing, plan design, group setup, claim adjudication, claim processing, pharmacy invoicing, pharmacy collections, pharmacy helpdesk and customer service call centers.

Our Mission and Values

We are dedicated to helping improve the health and wellness of all individuals and pets by providing access to more affordable prescription medications.

Our goal is to bring transparency to prescription medication pricing. For years there has been a cloud of secrecy about the real cost of medications as third-party administrators and others in the supply chain inflate prices to increase profits for their shareholders.

We believe that no one should overpay for their needed medications and that passing through the negotiated savings to the cardholders is the right thing to do.